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Ok this one is super simple to implement, just slap it in the header and give it a good title and instant rankings…ok it actually has nothing to do with your rankings, but it might…


A new type of JSON-LD came up on our radar. Thus far we haven’t seen Google use this too much in the search engines, but I am guessing they will very soon. Google actually has…

Question and Answer

Question and Answers are a hot topic in SEO right now. We don’t have too much info here for now, but here is some JSON-LD to get you started:


Don’t confuse this with the webPage type. I’ve included 2 very popular and standard examples. If you are new to structured data or JSON-LD here is a quick way to get started.

Medical Professionals

This is one useful for the medical practices or a physician’s website. You can add this JSON-LD to showcase a Physician.


May 2019 Update: Google wasn’t validating the “publisher” field so we edited that so it validates. Article markup can yield a lot of good stuff. Properly used, Google might bless your site with features like…